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Expect Vegas to Cry Tonight | November

In less than an hour from now our struggling Phoenix Suns will take the court against a Charlotte Bobcat team that has its own record of sputtering so far this season. As a result the door is open for Suns fandom to invest in a game that offers an incredible opportunity to add some green to the old bank account. 

Looking at Charlotte their deficiencies stand out - including a less than admirable ability to snag rebounds leaving them with just 39.5 board per game and lack of offensive punch stemming from an average of just 18.5 assists per contest.

Both of those dismal stats put the Bobcats in the bottom-half of the NBA and are less impressive than the numbers that have been generated by the Suns own stagnant start. Indeed Phoenix has been holding their own in the rebound category with 44.8 rpg while winning only one of their first four games.

Looking at tonight's hardwood battle, we see Marcin Gortat as the likely dominant force as he reaches a double-double that will provide a host of highlight films. That should make for a wonderful second win for the Suns and hopefully set the stage for better things to come.

So - even though Phoenix is a 3 1/2 point fav - put some cash on the line. Just don't blame us if the Suns pull up lame.

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