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Vegas Point Spread Daunting As Suns Tested Against Heat | November

In brief bursts of quality hardwood action the radically revamped Phoenix Suns line-up has shown flashes of offensive brilliance during this young 2012-13 season, though you wouldn't know it from their 1 - 2 record so far and the average of 90.3 points per game in offense that they have generated so far this season.

But just look at the Suns stellar second quarter against the Detroit Pistons back on Nov. 2nd when they scored 30 points in just 12 minutes on the court or the 33 points they nailed during a brilliant first quarter against the Orlando Magic on Sunday and you will see what we mean. 

But the question still lingers - can the Suns sustain an offensive onslaught for more than short bursts? Can they put the points on the board that are needed to be truly competitive in the NBA? Undecided

Faced with the prospect of trying to stymie a Miami offense tonight that is the second highest scoring in the league at 107.7 ppg, the Suns paucity of points is of particular concern for Phoenix partisans. And - with the notable exception of Luis Scola (17.3 ppg) and Michael Beasley (15.3 ppg) - the Suns roster has plainly fallen well short of expectations on the offensive side of the court.

As for tonight's odds - while we absolutely love our buddies at the Circus Circus betting windows in Las Vegas and Reno - we are unlikely to put any cash behind the Suns. Sure we appreciate the Suns being 13 1/2 point underdogs but - with this still unproven roster - it just isn't generous enough.

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