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Vegas Stung By Gortat/Beasley | November

In a reprise of the Run an' Gun hardwood offense of old, the Phoenix Suns beat the Charlotte Bobcats 117 - 110 in a game tonight that was totally dominated by two veteran Suns who managed to combine for 44 points. The dynamic pair (Marcin Gortat and Michael Beasley) also combined for a total of more than two dozen rebounds.

If that weren't enough - Gortat swatted away seven shots in a freakish All Star-style performance.

Along with the Polish Machine's blocked shot dominance, Beasley showed his own quality moves as - along with scoring 21 points and 15 boards - he pushed for 7 assists in a display of hard wood leadership. Indeed - tonight - he was once again the Michael B who dominated college hoops during those games with Kansas State.       

The Suns scoring frenzy went beyond the two vets and marked an offensive highwater mark for the young 2012-13 season as Phoenix hit 44.4% of their 27 shots for 36 points - a phenomenon that seemed well beyond reach just a week ago. That's not bad for a team that is still missing the longrange marksmanship of Channing Frye and should send shivers through their NBA Western Conference rivals.

Finally - the scoring onslaught also made the night quite profitable as the Suns handily beat the Vegas pointspread for the first time in the season. Of course, we predicted such an outcome right here at www.sunsstufft.com in the moments before game time.    

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