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Guilty Vegas Pleasure | October

Our guess is - you want to know where we've been ?!?

That's why we have put up a suggestive headline and decided to give our dear readers a few nanoseconds to ponder exactly how guilty that "pleasure" really is. Well - don't worry - we aren't going to singe the edges of your eyeballs by plunging into a bad case of carnal knowledge. No - your intrepid guides here at www.sunsstufft.com realize this is a website that junior may pull up on that handy home computer and we don't want your desktop to have a meltdown.

So instead of getting into an episode of what Monty Python called "naughty bits" - our header is referring to our passion for sports wagering - especially at the glorious Mecca of Maledom now known as the LVH Sportsbook.

Formerly the epicenter of the Las Vegas Hilton - this awesome center of sportsmania has a stunning number of large screen televisions, more than a few partisan cheering sections sprinkled throughout and ready access to so many possible wagers that your kidneys (and your cash) will easily give out well before you have tried them all.   

Oh - along with the extraordinary number of available options - the odds can fluctuate enough to make you toss your cookies or cry in your beer. Take it from us - we know from personal experience. 

Our example comes from the rough n'tumble sport of college football. Yes - we know - it isn't a specialty of this internet outlet but it sure can be entertaining when you have put your greenbacks on the winning side of the gridiron. That's where we thought we were going to be on the fateful Friday before our Oklahoma Sooners took to the hometown field against Kansas State. Looking at the panoply of options before us it became truly obvious that hope can foster luck - even at great distances - and encourage skilled play on the NCAA field of combat.

Or so we thought.  

After all the Sooners - the only football team we have every had much interest in and a team we have followed for nearly four decades - were 14-point favs and playing on their home field. And we could get them at 15-1 odds to win the BCS. That national championship seemed just within reach of the whole Sooner Nation and we could make a sizable profit from our manageable wager.

What's $30 when you can already feel $480 burning a hole in your pocket? And it seems so easy.

Well the Sooners were - to put it kindly - painful to watch until their offense finally woke-up in the fourth quarter. Yes - Sooner QB Landry Jones was talked about as a possible Heisman Trophy contender before the season started. Rather than crying our way through a detailed analysis we suggest you notice the word 'talked' is in the past tense. 'Nuff said.

Now we get to the lesson in this true-to-life fable.

After Oklahoma's 24 - 19 defeat on that fateful Sept. 22nd afternoon - we pulled the curtains closed and mourned in our hotel room spending a sleepless Saturday night pondering how our our heroes fell short of the Glory That Could Have Been. It even cast a pale over our planned 'We Time' with our significant other. 

Late the following day we sought to recover by confronting the force that bedeviled us by returning to the source of our miscast wagering. After walking for blocks in hopes of regaining the peace we came to Vegas with - we descended the steps to that treacherous Sportsbook and scanned the giant toteboard to see those devlish odds once again.

Only this time our broken - but still beloved - Sooners were now going at 60 - 1. ?!?!@#$%

Oh what a cruel fate we were faced with. Should we put even more cash on the line and hope this would inspire a team of collegiate strangers to excel like never before? Should we place another bet because it would enhance our return should Oklahoma make the improbable happen or should we quietly lick our wounds knowing full well that our $30 bet would be worth more than $1,800 if we had just waited two lousy days?

Oh - the agony of it all.

At least that is how we felt standing there - in the middle of the nation's most legendary sportsbook on that warm Sunday in September.

So if you ever have an opportunity to experience sports betting firsthand in Vegas never forget - it is Sin City's ultimate guilty pleasure. And it can break your heart in the blink of an eye.

See ya'