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NBA Championship Betting | April

It is fast approaching that stage of the NBA where the regular season finishes and the best eight teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences break off to compete against each other in the knockout play-offs tournament. This determines the winner of the NBA title, and at this stage of the season we can get a reasonable idea of which teams from each conference are showing the kind of form to make them contenders. So which sides from the Western Conference would make a good NBA title bet?

Well it is not especially surprising that those teams at the top end of the Western Conference – such as San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder – are amongst the strong favourites to be competing for the NBA title during the play-offs. The best odds you can get on these sides are 13/2 and 15/4 respectively, although there are lower odds available as well. San Antonio in particular have looked formidable this season, with their defence holding firm, and even the loss of Tony Parker not affecting their form, while Oklahoma have been producing some excellent performances, but may suffer from losing James Harden.

Although these are not the only sides from the Western Conference who will make the play-offs, their form – coupled with top seeding status – suggests they are the best bets. Nonetheless there is still an element of risk, otherwise it wouldn’t be fun, but if you prefer to mix basketball and betting in a way that offers less risk of winning nothing, a casino game like Slam Dunk could suit you. This online casino slots game found at places like MobileCasino.co.nz is just one of the basketball casino games available, but slots games always offer good value – with cheap play and the excellent chance of a payout. The wild symbol for this game is the number 23 jersey, and it will substitute for any other to give you a winning combination, making it well worth a spin.