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Written by Jamie D. Gilkey | 03 December 2011

Despite a trio of losses with some - like the cross state OT drop to Memphis - being more painful than others, the Tennessee Vols are set to return to the hardwood on Saturday in a nationally televised battle against the Pittsburgh Panthers on ESPN.
In a sign of just how much respect the Vols have gained from the Vegas and Reno oddsmakers in recent weeks - Tennessee is just a 1 1/2 point underdog in this contest against the # 17 team in the country that is set for 5:15pm Eastern Time.
That respect comes from a potent Vols offense that has proven itself as the 12th most prolific scorer in the entire country with 84.7 points per game. Led by Trae Golden averaging 17 points per game off of just 28.7 minutes a contest - Tennessee is undoubtedly an eye popping high scoring phenom'.
Holding it all together there's also Jeronne Maymon's near double-double average of 8.8 rebounds and 13.3 points per game - impressive scoring that is five times higher than the 2.6 points per contest that he delivered for Tennessee last season. Not bad for a junior playing just shy of 25 minutes a game. 

So - are the Vols worth pushing a few bucks across the betting cage window? We here at www.sunsstuff't.com say 'Yes'.Money mouthMoney mouth

Our takeaway is that Big Orange remains one of the most underrated hardwood teams in the country - they have beat the point spread in 5 out of 6 games this season.
Oh - and we can't forget - the Vols are well rested and seriously focused as they prepare to be welcomed back onto the homecourt for a key showdown that will once again put them on the front of the sports pages in newspapers across the country.
So put a few down on the Vols and hold on tight for a high scoring hardwood duel.
See ya'

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Written by Jamie D. Gilkey | 28 November 2011

After a rocky start that saw Oakland push to a 14-point lead against the Tennessee Vols in Monday night's game - the Big Orange has closed out the first half on a 9 to 2 run leaving the score behind 39 - 32.
The late period rush comes as the Vols are showing that ol' offensive spark and making 11 for 24 from the field (45.8%). They've also been racking-up the makes from the foul line with Jordan McRae knocking down each of his four tosses from the charity stripe. Cameron Tatum's hitting 50% from the field - including a much needed 3-pointer - also helped fan the flames of the late period offensive flurry. 
The remaining question is whether our Vols - the slightest one point favorites at the Las Vegas Hilton at game time - can beat the spread again or at least win the game? Money mouth
Yep - that's the real money shot. You know - like porno - but without all that skin being so visible.
Well we here at www.sunsstufft.com are nothing if not congenital optimists - especially when the Vols have been so good to us this season. So we are plunging ahead and the betting line at www.sportsbook.com has the Vols scoring 42.5 points in the second half.
Put down your green and watch the Big Orange go.
See ya'.

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Written by Jamie D. Gilkey | 26 November 2011

In the midst of the waterfall of green that has made its way into the pockets of fans following www.sunsstuff't.com as we cheer on the Tennessee Volunteers as the best bet in college basketball - and the ol' Black Friday shopping madness - the NBA players have apparently struck a deal with the owners.

While the full terms will be on lockdown until a litany of key details are worked out - initial reporting suggests that the owners have given ground on the overall split of basketball revenue and attempts to tighten the so-called "luxury tax". The upshot is that both sides are scrambling for a piece of the pro sports financial pie and are well aware that pro ball jersey sales aren't going to amount to much if there aren't any pros prancing on the hardwood. 

Sure isn't coincidental that the tentative schedule for the first day of play puts Christmas Day at the top of the tip-off calendar. Yeah right!! Bet the bankers who actually own the league were already counting that logo laden cash.Money mouth

But regardless of what inspired sanity to return to the hardwood we are pleased as punch. And this round of good news means we'll soon have two teams to follow because we're not dropping our Vols now.Wink 
See ya'.

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Written by Jamie D. Gilkey | 23 November 2011

Well - we told you that the Tennessee Volunteers were a team to reckon with and for two days in a row we've been making money off of that proposition. Sure in yesterday hardwood contest they finally seized up at the buzzer of the second OT period - still their 97 - 99 loss to Memphis has to be one of the most thrilling games in years and it cleared the 3 1/2-point with room to spare.

We can't say enough about an offense that bounced back from scoring just 67 points against Duke to hitting for 97 against the Top Ten Memphis Tigers. The incredible play of Jeronne Maymon with a record setting 32 points and 20 rebounds was just a joy to see. Not to mention an uptick in the long range offense with the Vols 3-point shooting coming in at 33% from beyond the arc (7-21).

The result is we here at www.sunsstuff't.com are convinced that the Vols are the best 2-loss team in college basketball and fully deserve a spot in the Top 25 when the rankings come out next week. More to the point, they are well prepared to beat Chaminade in about 20 minutes when they face-off on ESPNU beginning at 2:30pm Eastern and we're looking fror a big win to add another notch to our belts.

However - we are a little concerned that the legal bookies in Nevada have caught on to just how good the Big Orange have been playing. Sadly - as a consequence - they have jacked-up the point spread to a truly ridiculous number. Yep - we like those friendly guys at Circus Circus Reno but we're a little disillusioned by their decision to make the Vols 19-point favs.

Come on guys - Momma needs to buy Christmas presents and you aren't helping the family budget with odds like those.

So put a few bucks down on the Vols - but keep the betting light. Don't get greedy - we've already taken the bookies twice this week and you do not want to hand your winnings back to the bookies after such a successful run.
See ya' Money mouthMoney mouth

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Written by Jamie D. Gilkey | 22 November 2011

Despite dismal 3-point shooting - they didn't hit any of their 8 attempts - the Tennessee Volunteers kept close to the Duke Blue Devils for much of last night's game before going down 77 - 67. The defeat came after about 30 minutes of up-tempo Vols offense that seemed to rattle an initially unsteady Duke defense. It also proved that - with some extra work - the Vols have the potential to upset at least a couple of the country's best known programs.

For those of you who followed yesterday's advice - and put some green on the Vols out at Circus Circus Reno or any other fine legal betting establishment - we're happy you made some money after they narrowly beat the 12-point spread.

For those of you who aren't so friendly with the betting window - at least Tennessse kept it interesting beyond the first half. And that's what we expect a little later today when they take on the Memphis Tigers at 2pm Eastern Time. Both teams should be tired - also a little mad - after their losses yesterday and we expect Tennessee to be ready to go. 
Does that mean a win?!?
Well- maybe not - but the 3 1/2 points being offered by Circus Circus Reno is tempting enough to grab our interest. So we recommend reinvesting half your winnings from last night's big bet back on the Vols and asking Santa to come through again. Money mouthMoney mouth

Remember - Tennessee is a a shooter's team - meaning the Vols can knock down threes and play a sharp inside game that would make even the most reluctant fan proud. They didn't come through last night but they will be back in peak form soon. And we're looking for that good old 'Law of Averages' to come through as our Orange Crush makes up for last night's lack of scoring. 
See ya'       

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Written by Jamie D. Gilkey | 21 November 2011

With just moments to go before the start of tonight's big time showdown on ESPN2 between the Tennessee Volunteers and the Duke Blue Devils we here at www.sunsstufft.com just want to offer some quick advice.
Bet the Ranch!!!Money mouthMoney mouthMoney mouth

That's right. Put up the proverbial homestead and grab the Vols plus the 12 points being offered by our buddies at Circus Circus Reno. Then -cross your fingers and hope we hit.
See ya'

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Written by Jamie D. Gilkey | 20 November 2011

With the abject collapse of the NBA season becoming a gnawing, nagging reality it is time for even the most stalwart fan of pro ball to admit that David Stern has finally driven the NBA bus off the cliff.
Sure - we can all throw in a little bit of agitation about the players and their leadership - but it is the owners who ultimately control the purse strings and appear to have drawn an unbending line in the sand demanding that the ultimate revenue split must be to their liking.

Not that the owners are the ones whose performances on the court have brought in any endorsement dollars of late. You know what we mean - Stern's likeness doesn't sell t-shirts, jerseys or even a sharply discounted ball cap.
As a result of Stern's negotiating prowess - pro basketball is now going from the brink of becoming the next big time global sport to being known for a season without a paycheck. Sounds like a bad year in the NHL.
Double Right.  
So for those of us who enjoy basketball ---- it really is time to move on.CryCry

It is time to adopt a new way of living that will truly soothe the inner need for the hardwood and the round ball while acknowledging a true connection to the pro teams we yearn for - but can not have. 
Here at www.sunsstuff't.com that means making a choice - an admittedly tough choice - that respects our Suns and respects what has often been referred to as Planet Orange. 
It was a tough decision - a heart wrenching experience that forced us to use the simplest criteria possible.
In short - we made our decision based on which college team has the brightest possible orange uniform and a sufficient wif of past discension to make us feel at home. 
Viewed in that light - especially since Coach Bruce Pearl was forced out just a few months ago in the wake of a recruiting scandal - there is only one place to call home in the entire college game. And the Tennessee Volunteers are the place to be. 
So this evening - in the midst of NBA withdrawal - we are pleased to announce that we are remodeling and remaking www.sunsstuff't.com into a dedicated Vols men's basketball site until further notice. 
And we are gearing-up for tomorrow's nationally televised game against those ugly Blue Devils of Duke. 
Ranked at #6 in the country - Duke is an undefeated but struggling team that could be ripe for an upset. And our unranked and unheralded Vols have won their first two contests of the season. 
Come join the fun as we cheer the guys in the absurdly bright orange jerseys and struggle to keep the faith. 
See ya'.     

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Written by Patrick Brown | 06 October 2011

And so what can we do?

Watch Sports Center a few more times.  Lament the only in depth coverage of our beloved game are the thoughts of Chris Broussard on the two halves of the CBA.  An intelligent likable guy no doubt, but surely no replacement for the sneaker squeaks, sweat mops, spilled soda, scantily clad dancers, and silly gorilla outfit we should be witnessing between whistle blows if the pre-season were going on.

Dark days.  Dark days lie ahead ladies and gentleman.  I don't know about you, but I am fully expecting the negotiations to consume the first thirty games of the season, at best.  The latest news has the owners and the players at odds by six percentage points, and when you're talking about 4 billion dollars making up this pie filling, six percent is nearly a quarter billion dollars.  That's over a half million dollars for every player in the league.

Wait.  We're only arguing over a half million dollars for every player in the league?

And we can't split this down the middle for the time being, why?  Because Derek Fisher can't play ball and negotiate at the same time?

Leave the negotiations to the experts.  Theyre the ones who are actually doing the heavy lifting anyway.  They're just not the ones in front of the camera.

Split the pie down the middle for now and play ball!

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Written by Jamie D. Gilkey | 29 September 2011

Alright so we've been away for awhile. Well - not just awhile - but a long friggin' time and our apologies go out to each of our suffering readers. We missed you to and we are recommitted to doing what needs to be done to make the Phoenix Suns the most fun team in pro basketball once again.

Since last season we here at www.sunsstufft.com have gone through bouts of whining, cursing, and boozing as we struggled to come to grips with the results of the disappointing play-off lacking 2010-11 NBA season. But - no matter what we did - your dear ol' staff could not get away from its dreams of the Phoenix Suns finally making it all the way. We can't tell you how many times we relived the '09-'10 Western Conference title run and everything those of us in loyal fandom saw. But now the accountants and bankers who run pro sports are threatening to take even those beautiful dreams away. 

Tomorrow the numbers crunchers are going to sit around the negotiating table once again and there is little hope that they will reach a quick contract and the 2011 pre-season will get back on track. What a tragedy for those of us who really love the athletic high-scoring ballet that is pro basketball in the modern era. 

Hopefully - the game won't follow pro hockey down the path of self-destruction.Cry 

See ya'.  

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Written by Jamie D. Gilkey | 09 May 2011

Now that the San Antonio Spurs have crashed and burned in the first round of the Western Conference play-offs, there is real talk that management may be forced to explode the franchise and essentially rebuild one of the NBA's most storied franchises from scratch. Yep - the Spurs may be forced to do what the Phoenix Suns considered right around the time they lost Amar'e Stoudemire to a Big Apple Knicks team that actually cared to put some cash on the table in a bid to win it all.

So in a game of self-interested off-season speculation the question becomes - can the Suns get anything of value as one of our most dreaded B-ball rivals goes through the agonizing process of dismantling their line-up.  

While no one would ever want to walk away from a crack at Tim Duncan it is highly unlikely that the - shall we say 'cost conscious' - ownership of the Phoenix Suns would ever consider pulling open their check book and cutting a sizable check to match the $18.83 million Duncan is currently pulling down. Without putting that kind of money in play - the Suns aren't likely to do anything but polish Duncan's old-style sneakers. Yell

And the possible push for Tony Parker or Manu Ginobili ($13.5 & $11.8 million respectively) will also founder upon the rock of 'responsible' financial stewardship. Where's a reckless/ free spending millionaire when we need them???

But - while we're waiting for a true Daddy Warbucks to come to Phoenix - those of us here at www.sunsstufft.com want to put another thought up for discussion. Why not just plug our ears - ignore all that talk of retirement - and snag Antonio McDyess to fill the much needed back-up Big Man role for the Suns?

Yes - we know - please stop yelling at your computer screen and don't throw the lap top.Yell 
Sure - it is very lightweight and you are very strong. But your family won't appreciate the destruction of such a hard earned Christmas present and we won't visit you in exile.

Seriously just think of it - Antonio carries a contract of just $4.86 million despite being a sturdy and steady forward who can clog up the middle on defense and score a few. During San Antonio's losing play-off series against the Memphis Grizzlies, McDyess was relied upon to play an extraordinary average of 24.2 minutes per game - an intense amount of time for a 36-year old who has logged 14 years in the NBA.  

Ultimately McDyess didn't set any post season scoring records - but we should give him credit for averaging 6.2 points and 5.8 rebounds per game while shooting 45% from the field during the last five games of the Spurs play-off series.  

Along with averaging a blocked shot per game - that's pretty good for a relatively inexpensive veteran big. And it sure suggests an all-around steadier pro baller than the bane of our existence - Robin Lopez. 

So - while moving Marcin Gortat to a starting role - its time for the Suns to grab a back-up big with a brief Phoenix history and a solid career we can all be proud of. Its time to pick-up that phone and place a timely long distance call to Antonio McDyess while we can get'em cheap.

See ya'.  


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