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Written by Jamie D. Gilkey | 29 September 2009

Just a very brief note of thanks to Dave, Derek and Ben at www.bloguin.com and a shout-out to let our readers know that www.sunsstufft.com is now available on big-time search engines like www.Google.com. Your readership has helped us reach this important milestone in just a couple of days and, since you are along for the ride, we wanted you to know.

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Written by Jamie D. Gilkey | 28 September 2009

There's always the danger that tweaking will backfire - just ask our buddy the coyote about all the trouble he had with the Road Runner. And then there's the possibility that it won't go far enough. You know the old conundrum - is it enough to just kick the tires or do you have to replace the entire engine?

Well for those of us who like the Road Runner style on the court, the decision to ditch Shaq was a tremendous step in the right direction. Alright let's not jump the gun - it has potential to be a big step in the right direction and it definitely padded the bank account. Now it is time for the follow through. And that is not a Steve Kerr strong suit. No our GM is more of a banker than a sports leader. Yep, just call him the Great Dismantler. Money mouth

But there is some real potential going forward and the Suns should be upbeat when they hit the court this year. Amar'e Stoudemire's eyes and other body parts seem to be holding-up fine. And last year showed everyone who watched those 29 games that Amar'e was out that - as goes his health - so goes the fate of the franchise. Channing Frye can be the center we all know is needed and he should help in the speed department. Then there is Grant Hill and Steve Nash - a skillful pair of vets that deserves respect. Add the speed of Leandro Barbosa to the mix and we can really make a run for the play-offs.    

So Steve - I know we have never met - but on behalf of those big-eyed smiling fans who suffered through the sluggishness of Shaq as he sauntered up the court at a pace suited for a senior citizen bowling league... please make sure that after all your tweaking the Suns still play with the heavy foot on the gas peddle.

Remember, we have a need for speed. Wink

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Written by Jamie D. Gilkey | 28 September 2009

Snoopy was right – the Red Baron is a very nasty little fellow. But that’s not all.

Using a cartoon character to carry the weight of a new basketball site is a heavy lift and I am not suggesting that any of the Suns remind me of a beagle. But hopefully it caught your eye. More importantly, it catches the spirit of where the Suns stand when it comes to the minds of the Vegas odds makers – a very unforgiving bunch.

Just taking a gander at the numbers earlier this month showed how little empathy they have for people like us – fans, fanatics and occasional cheerleaders for the Phoenix Suns. For example, the Golden Nugget was giving 50/1 to anyone willing throw down at least $2 on the Suns to win the NBA championship. I guess we should be happy because at the same time the Detroit Pistons were going at 55/1 – what a relief.

Maybe more telling were the problematic odds when it comes to just winning the Western Conference. You know the climb that would require us to get over the bodies of the L.A. Lakers, the San Antonio Spurs, the Portland Trailblazers and the Denver Nuggets. Oh, and don’t forget the Dallas Mavericks. In fact if the oddsmakers are right - and they do make a living at this - the Suns will fall one spot shy of making the play-offs. Now that’s familiar territory but not really where we want to be. Here’s the tale of the tape:

Vegas Casino              NBA Crown Odds                 Western Conference Odds

Circus Circus                          40/1

El Cortez                                  65/1

Golden Nugget                        50/1                                         25/1

Las Vegas Hilton                    50/1                                         25/1 

Lucky’s Sportsbook               60/1

Now these odds are always subject to change and we definitely do not want anyone putting down a sports bet outside of Nevada – the home of legal sports betting in the US. But it does say a great deal about the tough road ahead for the Suns. Our schedule also suggests that times will be a little rocky – especially down the stretch. That’s when the Suns will be playing five games in seven days (April 7 – 14) against such tough teams as the Spurs, Rockets, Nuggets and Jazz.

So now is the time to belly up to the bar – yes, it’s easier for some than others so I want to give everyone a head start – and start strapping in for another roller coaster year as the Suns start reaching for the brass ring with pre-season just a few days away.    

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Written by Jamie D. Gilkey | 28 September 2009

A quick thank you to those who have stopped by so far. We are going to be picking up the pace here at www.sunsstufft.com and - like the old man who owned the candy store - we appreciate your taking a look. We also need to offer a few kind words to the folks at Bloguin for their patience, and Ballhype and www.brightsideofthesun.com for mentioning us on our launch.

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Written by Jamie D. Gilkey | 26 September 2009

Welcome to SunsStuff't.com, a new site following the trials, trevails and hopefully victories of the good old Phoenix Suns. My name is Jamie D. Gilkey and I am the managing editor of this fun, informative and admittedly offbeat site that is your home for everything about Suns basketball.

Along with being the place to be for the Suns, we also have a few of our own opinions and aren't shy about throwing in those two cents when the time is right. Like Amar'e Stoudemire being a Hall-of-Famer in the making. (Oh come on, did I hear a few groans out there?) Or the many meanings of the broken down shack we have on the upper left side of this page. (God Bless Cleveland and don't forget to say a few prayers for the Cavaliers when you get a chance.)

But this isn't going to be a one man show.

We need you to bring your views, your stats, your hopes for the season, and even a few thoughts on Steve Nash's passing. That's what will keep the wheels turning and make SunsStuff't.com the place to be. So limber-up the old bones and let your fingers hit the keyboard.

Welcome aboard and thanks for taking a look around.

Jamie D. Gilkey

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